We are us


Mixed Medium on 450gsm pure cotton canvas, float-frame

76.3 x 61 cm


Embedded within the exhibition 'Made in Australia,' the artwork 'We Are Us’ celebrates the distinctiveness that defines us. Originating from my creative journey since arriving in Australia in 2015, this piece goes beyond the confines of gender, age, religion, nationality, or skin color. The figures portrayed are ethereal symbols, embodying the beauty found in our unique individuality. In every brushstroke and contour, the essence of sensual contemplation is woven into a narrative that underscores the significance of embracing our individuality. Against the backdrop symbolizing 'life,' 'We Are Us’  invites viewers to revel in the richness of their own uniqueness, contributing to the diverse tapestry that forms the collective beauty of humanity within the 'Made in Australia' exhibition.

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