Together we are one


Mixed Medium on 450gsm pure cotton canvas, float-frame

76.3 x 61 cm


Within the collection titled 'Made in Australia,' the artwork 'Together We Are One' stands as a powerful embodiment of unity. Since my migrating to Australia in 2015, these creations have unfolded from the depths of my creative spirit, transcending conventional boundaries of gender, age, religion, nationality, or skin color. The figures within the pieces emerge as ethereal symbols of our shared humanity, imperfect yet beautiful. Each stroke and contour encapsulates not only the essence of sensual contemplation but also the importance of supporting each other in the face of challenges. As part of the vast tableau representing 'life,' these artworks subtly weave the fabric of personal experiences, capturing fleeting moments that resonate universally. 'Together We Are One' becomes a beacon within the 'Made in Australia' exhibition, inviting viewers to embrace the interconnectedness that unites us all in the rich tapestry of existence.

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