Figuring out why we are here!


Acrylic and oil pastel on 450gsm pure cotton canvas, float-frame

60 x 88 cm



From Earthpeople series, exhibited at Mount Isa Regional Gallery, QLD, Australia.

Earthpeople is an interpretation of our evolving relationship with nature that underlines the noteworthy attempt of humankind.

The characters do not possess any particular gender, age, religion, nationality, or skin color and are not flawless. Instead, the characters are illustrations of humankind’s courses of action, the ones that make life meaningful. They are representatives of universal moral values. It is the presence or absence of these moral values in experiences that provoke the extensive palette of human attitude.

The background is ‘earth’. There is not any particular location or scene; this is left open to the audience’s interpretation. There’s no time and no place. It is just a personal experience or a witnessed situation caught in a moment in eternity.

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