2017 // No Vacancy Gallery, QV MELBOURNE

In the realm of ‘Musicscape,’ the artist masterfully interweaves vintage sheet music with visual artistry. Every musical composition serves as a unique tale penned by its creator. The artist’s exploration of music spans both auditory resonance, giving rise to an emotional ‘Musicscape,’ and symbolic notation, creating intricate visual layers. Visual narratives emerge from the auditory vibrations of each musical piece, offering viewers an intimate connection through a visual medium. This process is one of surrender, allowing the music to orchestrate brushes, transcribing emotional currents onto canvas.

The outcome evolves into an intersemiotic masterpiece, amalgamating musical symbols, auditory experiences, and visual artistry into a singular tapestry. The audience is beckoned not only to witness an exhibition, but to embark on a shared journey through the ‘musicscape’ the artist has traversed.

Just as life’s narrative unfolds in serendipitous ways, the discovery of these music sheets was a fortuitous encounter, not a planned endeavor.


Arizona, United States


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